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Introduce the Strider 12” Classic Bike as a no-pedal balance bicycle designed for kids aged 18 months to 3 years. Highlight the bike's lightweight and durable steel frame, which makes it easy for young children to maneuver. Emphasize the bike's adjustable seat and handlebar, which can be adjusted as your child grows. Mention the puncture-proof tires that provide a smooth ride on any surface and the easy assembly process that makes it convenient for parents. Conclude by stating that the Strider 12” Classic Bike is the perfect first bike for any child to learn balance and coordination.

Strider 12” Classic Bike - No Pedal Balance Bicycle for Kids 18 Months to 3 Year

SKU: 2289724
12" Balance Bike
  • Up to 10 days to return product in it's original state. After the 10 days could be a percentage of refund depending on the product. After 15 days no returns accepted.

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