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NIU (NIU Technologies) (NASDAQ: NIU), founded in 2014, is the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions. The KQi1 Pro: The NIU Essential Kick Scooter. The KQi1 Pro features all the awesome essentials of the Sport model, plus quick and easy folding! It's easy to handle at just 34 pounds, without sacrificing build quality or performance. The 30% larger battery lets you cruise along comfortably for longer, carrying you 15.5 miles on a single charge, while the colorful, back-lit display keeps you informed about your power, speed, and riding mode.

  • Quick and Easy Folding: Our patented folding mechanism is quick, easy and safer than the competition!
  • Lightweight and Fun: At just 34 pounds, the KQi1 Pro is easy to handle and fun to ride.
  • 30% Larger Battery Capacity: The 243Wh KQi1 Pro battery has 30% more capacity than competitor models, allowing an improved range of up to 15.5 miles per charge so you never have to worry about the distance.





This is only this price until 12:00PM this evening then the price goes to the regular price


NIU KQi1 Pro Electric kick scooter Foldable Fast 15MPH

  • Only if the unit is faulty. You have 10 Days and if the unit is not working properly you have to show proof.

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